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Publish a Book on Amazon Pros and Cons
In this article I am going to break down the pros and cons of publishing on Amazon. If you are planning to publish your baby in 2020 and you are wondering about the pros and cons of publishing on Amazon you definitely want to keep reading.

    Publish on Amazon PROS

Publishing on Amazon is cheap and fast. If you want to right away publish your manuscript Amazon is way to go. You can publish a print version of the book via KDP, and E-book via Kindle. It’s also one of the biggest platforms for self-published authors and it’s pretty, pretty, pretty easy and self-explanatory.

    Very Easy to Rank as a Best-Seller

Especially if you choose category that is not so popular, you can very easily rank as a best-selling author on Amazon.

    Publish on Amazon Cons

Now let’s talk about the negative side of Amazon. I’m also going to share my experience, what happened during my launch. If you are choosing ISBN number and you don’t want to publish get it from Amazon for free. Here is why. The ISBN number is basically the number at the back of your book, which is usually part of the barcode. If you are choose the ISBN number for free from Amazon, you won’t be able to distribute your book internationally outside of the Amazon distribution channels including bookstores. Therefore, instead of getting a free ISBN from Amazon, you’re better off buying ISBN. Second, during my book launch some of my friends couldn’t publish a Kindle version of my book in their country. If you’re selling internationally, you want to share the correct link to purchase the Kindle version that is supporting the sales in particular country. If you’re selling in UK make sure to use UK amazon link instead of the US version.

    Don’t Just Rely On Amazon

I highly recommend to consider IngramSpark with Amazon. Here is why:

  • You can do pre-orders with IngramSpark
  • You can distribute to other countries, book stores, and other channels
  • You can get your book to Barnes and Noble, and other major Book retailers.
  • Set Up Pre-orders with SmashWords.
  • Drive Traffic to your best-seller status before the release book launch dateIf you want to learn more, make sure to SIGN UP to my FREE WEBINAR Training HOW TO PUBLISH LIKE A PRO in 2020. Click here to REGISTER. If you haven’t checked my book Love is the Law, make sure to visit my website and grab a copy.

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