How to Publish a Book in 2020 FOR FREE

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How to Publish a Book for FREE in 2020
In today’s article, I want to give you exact blueprint how to publish your book for free if you are planning to publish your baby in 2020.

Is it even possible to publish for free?
Well, here’s the deal.
When you choose to work with a hybrid publishers or vanity press, they usually charge a crazy amount, like 5,000 or even $10,000, which you don’t have to pay if you want to do it yourself. So, how can you possibly publish for free?
All you need is platform, guys.

Start Building Your Platform
What do I mean by that is you need followers. You need your tribe. Start building your tribe. Add daily value. I mean it, daily value! Whether it’s a YouTube channel, Instagram, just get going. Because if you create more content that is legit adding value for free, people start trusting you. People whoo trust you, love you, support you, and it’s going to be very easy to publish your book. And in that case, you don’t actually need anything. You don’t need a publisher. In fact, publish will come to you.
You can publish through Amazon. You can do it through the Kindle, KDP, or IngramSpark.

Start a Facebook Group
But, if you don’t have any platform and you don’t want to wait 1-2 years to build one? Start with a Facebook group. Create a Facebook group at least six months before you launch your book. This Facebook group can consist of people who are your friends, who are friends of your friends, your family members, people who know you. Ask them to invite other friends and friends of their friends, especially people who might be interested in the topic, and just share behind the scenes.

Share how you are writing the book. Share your experience. People want to be part of experience and be part of your journey. Ask these people to support you during the prelaunch and launch, and ask them to purchase your book on the day of launch, especially when you do it through Amazon. On the date of your launch, make sure t drop the price to the lowest price possible. Anybody can buy a book for 0.99 cents. Choose a category on Amazon that is less popular and easily you will rank as #1 Best-seller. Click here to learn more how too publish via Amazon in 2020.

Keep Promoting Your Book
Keep the book promotion all year around. Don’t stop. Do Give-aways. Do promotions. Do workshops and give a book for free. Remember, your book is your business card. Use it to represent your brand, instead of making $$$ out of it. Drive traffic to your website and create the entire back-end business around your book. If you want to learn more make sure to sign up to my free WEBINAR TRAINING How to Publish Like a Pro.
Also, check out my book Love is the Law on How to Activate Your Genius in 2020 and Live the Life you love.

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