Self-care Ritual for Highly Sensitive People

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This article is about highly sensitive people (I call them HS). You should know that you are a super sensitive person if you can feel other people’s energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the conference, seminars or some network events and it’s not important if you meet them for the first time. You can simply feel the energy they are spreading out. It can be both positive and negative.

Also, if you feel drained after hanging out with your friends, that may be a sign you’re HS. There is another interesting fact – if you are an artist, a writer or a healer, you are prone to be hyper sensitive. But now, the question is how do you ground yourself if you are highly sensitive?

    Here are 5 tips you can follow if you highly sensitive:
    1.Take a serious down time for yourself.

I’ve recently realized I belong to HS group of people. Personally, I enjoy working with others and helping them, so most of the time I’m surrounded by different kind of people. I also have to admit I’m a seminar junkie. So after one of those conferences, I noticed that kind of interaction with the outside world simply has a draining effect on me. I had to take the day off from coming across with anyone and I stayed in my shell. My energy was so low. I literally felt sick.

So, if you feel the same after long interaction with people, if you feel overwhelmed and stressed, you definitely need some time of, to recover and recharge your energy. Turn off all social media, put away your cell phone and computer and spend some time alone. Think about yourself, about your goals and desires. You’ll feel much better after that.

    2. Do yoga or meditate.

That’s another great way for recharging. You can also take a long walk or have a bath with some essential oils. Personally, I prefer lavender oil and salt, which is known for detoxification your body and making you feel regenerated.

    3.Good night sleep.

We all need to take care of our bodies and have a good night sleep. In fact, if you don’t sleep enough, you’ll had no energy for anything.
Just imagine you are an open bottle and walk around. When you are tired , but still continue with the same path, the only thing that happens is you’re more and more exhausted , then filled up with stress. All of that has a negative impact on your physical condition, on your emotions and in fact, the whole of your personality.

To avoid all of these problems, make sure you get 8-9 hours of sleeping every night. You need to take care of your body and your health, cause if you don’t do that, nobody else will.

    4.Exercise more.

Do yoga, go for a run or start training in the gym. There are many other activities you can do in order to raise the vibration inside your body. That will all reflect positively, be sure.

    5.Choose friends wisely.

Be aware of people you spend time with, cause their energy has a direct impact on you and your mood.The highly sensitive people are empathetic and want to help everyone. But, guess what – neither that’s good, neither is necessary. You mustn’t allow yourself permanently helping other if that drains you. Remember to love yourself first and don’t do anything that could be bad for you.

Observe and think about your feelings when you have company. Make sure you’ve chosen the right people, people who lift you up and have a positive effect on you.

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