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I work with:

Visionaries, Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Lightworkers, and Service-Based Entrepreneurs who are ready
to turn their passion into a profit & change the world.

Professional Women transitioning from 9-5 to the “freedom 5D entrepreneurship” model.
Busy Moms who are dreaming about starting their purpose-driven 6-figure business.  

Women CEOs who are ready to manifest the man of their dreams without spending hours on dating apps. 

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Because when heart-centered conscious women activate their genius & take their power back, they make the world a better place.

About Marieta

Marieta is author of the book Love is the Law, a serial entrepreneur, intuitive business strategist, former attorney and successful women’s transformational coach. For a decade Marieta has been working with entrepreneurs from around the world creating purpose-driven businesses. 


After her spiritual awakening, Marieta wrote the book Love is the Law and started to implement universal laws & mindset work into her business. As a result she experienced true quantum jump: she was able to manifest 100K month and attract true love into her life. 

Originally from Slovakia, Marieta moved to the USA in 2007 with just $700 barely speaking English. She graduated from the prestigious Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and became a licensed attorney. She founded her first company ImmigrationBiz in 2011 and over the years she contributed over $20M into the US economy with her legal and consulting work. 


Marieta has been coaching spiritual-conscious women on how to master their mindset, turn their passion into a profit, build a purpose-driven business, create a wildly happy life,  and uplift humanity. 

Marieta’s businesses were featured in Forbes, EVA, CBS, Fox, Pravda, WomanMan, EMMA, Radio Express and other media. 

Love is the Law Book

It's Your Time to Have it All, Gorgeous! You will learn:

  • Activate your divine genius & step into your feminine power by applying the law of love. 
  • Shift your limiting money mindset, heal your relationship with money and attract more wealth and abundance into your life. 
  • Find and activate your purpose and start a purpose-driven successful business. 
  • Tap into your higher self, become a channel of higher consciousness, and step into your genius. 
  • Fall in love with your body and embrace your divine beauty. 
  • Fall in love with yourself & attract true love and manifest a wildly happy life! 

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My Programs

The group coaching immersion to create your sustainable 6-figure soulful empire.

The 6 months sacred immersion to manifest true wealth into your life: more love, more money and more abundance.

Work with Marieta 1-on-1 & Quantum Leap in every area of your life!

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Binge-watch Marieta’s free content and learn how to active your divine genius, step into your power, manifest more wealth, freedom, abundance, and true love.  


Masterclass for a new wave of enlightened leaders

SOUL Business Expansion

You’ll learn:

– How to “define” your NICHE as a multi-dimensional entrepreneur.

– Why you should forget the old-school “niche selection” in 2024.
– The most profitable niche is YOU, and here is why.

– How to define and build your aligned multi-dimensional brand.

– Why You are YOUR BRAND.

– How to use Social Media to build your MAGNETIC online presence.

– How to define and craft your aligned offers.

– How to intuitively price your low-tier, mid-tier, and premium offers in an aligned way that sells.

– Throw away the Sales Script and forget about Sales Calls (unless you love them!)


How to Sell Without Seling

How to Sell without Selling  The first question my biz coaching clients usually ask me is: “How do I attract my soul clients?” Here is

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