Love is the Law Book

What You’ll Get Out Of The Book

  • How to heal your broken heart and fall in love with yourself
  • How to change a limiting money mindset
  • How to find your purpose and start a purpose driven business
  • How to meditate and tap into your higher self
  • How to create a healthy relationship with your body and embrace your beauty
  • How to activate your inner genius & step into your power

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On YouTube Marieta provides advice and insights into self-love, self-development, 5D entrepreneurship,  spirituality, and personal growth for everybody who is ready to active inner genius & uplift humanity.

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I work with:

  • Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Experience Quantum Leap
  • Game Changers, Visionaries, Healers, Change Makers
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs Ready To Uplift Humanity
  • Corporate Professionals Transitioning from 3D to 5D (from 9-5 to freedom entrepreneurship)
  • Anxious and Burned-out Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Heal & Activate their Genius

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About Marieta

Marieta is a conscious Attorney, Author of the book Love is the Law, 5D Entrepreneur,  intuitive business coach, healer and intuitive channel. For a decade Marieta has been working with entrepreneurs from around the world creating purpose driven businesses. After her awakening, she channeled her book Love is the Law, and started to implement 5D laws & principles into her business. She has been combining her unique intuitive and channeling skills with business and legal experience acquired over the years.
Marieta’s businesses were featured in Forbes, Playboy, CBS, Fox, Pravda, Woman Man, Plus Jeden Den, Radio Express and other media outlets. Marieta loves self-development, yoga, meditation, business, traveling, long walks on the beach and meeting new people. Marieta is also founder of ImmigrationBiz PLLC and ImmigrationBiz Academy, and e-learning platform dedicated to helping immigrants entrepreneurs with various visa and immigration issues.

Originally from Slovakia, Marieta moved to the USA in 2007 with 700 USD. She graduated prestigious Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, passed the Bar Exam in NY, and founded her company ImmigrationBiz.  She is currently coaching entrepreneurs, healers, visionaries how to implement 5D laws and principles into 3D business and uplift humanity. Learn more at www.loveisthelaw.com.

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