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Hello there

I’m Marieta

Hey lovely! Thanks for stopping by. Here is my story.
I am a girl from Slovakia. In 2007 I decided to move to the U.S with 700 USD. Quickly I realized that I needed to go back to school. I took a giant loan, studied by but off, and continued with my studies at Northwestern University School of Law.
After graduation, I moved to NYC and was unable to find a legal position. I was pretty much fed up with my life – no money, no job, no work permit, alone and lost in NYC, and that’s when I began to start looking for answers within. I started a company that would serve people from all over the world, who wanted to immigrate to the USA.
Soon after the business took off, my personal relationship fell apart. I ended up with a broken heart, lost, and alone. I lost part of my company and therefore I decided to start ImmigrationBiz to serve foreign entrepreneurs who wanted to start a biz in the USA. After months of struggling I 5x my income in 60 days
My heartbreak started my spiritual awakening. I moved to California and after months of solitude and days filled with meditation, I came to the conclusion that my external world was purely a reflection of my inner world; therefore nobody was to blame. I decided to travel the world solo and ended up spending 21 days in complete silence during vipassana meditation retreats in Nepal, Bali, Hawaii, and CA.
During this period, I faced my deepest fears to realize they were only illusions. Fear is not real. What is real is love.
After my awakening I wrote my book ‘Love is the Law’, and I started a coaching business to help conscious entrepreneurs master their mindset, turn their passion into profit, and uplift humanity. I was able to hit my biz goal of 100K/mo and soon after I started to coach other extra-ordinary entrepreneurs on how to quantum leap in their biz and hit 7-fig in 12 months.
Ready to Dream Bigger & Quantum Leap? Let’s do this!

Meet Marieta

Marieta was born and raised in Slovakia (a post-communist country in central Europe). As a young girl, she had a dream to live in the USA and work as a lawyer. The dysfunctional legal system in Slovakia motivated her to move to the US as 24 years old with just $700 and broken English.

After she graduated from a prestigious law school in the country; Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, she was determined more than ever turn her dream into a reality.

She became a licensed attorney. As an immigrant with very limited visa options, she moved to NYC and was unable to find a legal position and a work visa sponsor. She started her first business (law firm) and obtained an investor visa status.

Since she helped hundreds of foreign immigrant entrepreneurs and investors move to the US and over the years she contributed over $20M to the U.S. economy. Her business was featured in  Forbes and other media outlets.

In 2015 Marieta lost her company and her relationship fall apart. This triggered Marieta’s spiritual awakening. She traveled the world solo for over 1 year and ended up spending 30 days in complete silence meditating 12-16 hours a day in Nepal, Bali, Hawaii, and California.

In 2016 she started a brand-new business and in 60 days she 5x her income.

Marieta started to receive intuitive downloads and channeling messages that she incorporated in her book Love is the Law: 21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Genius & Uplift Humanity.  

Today, Marieta is coaching women on how to activate their feminine genius,  monetize their divine gifts, and leave a legacy. Marieta is an intuitive channel and the bridge between the 5D  and 3D worlds. She has been combining her intuitive and channeling skills, business strategy, legal expertise, and energy work to co-create a wildly successful and happy life for her clients. 

Marieta’s mission is to uplift humanity, raise the human consciousness by empowering women, expanding their vision, and teaching them how to have it all. 

What if you could manifest a wildly wealthy & happy life? Let’s do it!

I am Here to Help You

  • Activate your divine genius & claim your power.
  • Find your purpose and turn it into a profit.
  • Quantum leap in your business and wealth.  
  • Heal your relationship with money, remove the money blocks, and create a soulful 7-Figure Empire.
  • Transform your fears  & fall in love with your
  • Manifest True Love & Experience a Fairytale. 
  • Manifest a wildly happy life and co-create New 5D Earth! 

I believe in

  • Mind over Matter.
  • Divine Purpose.
  • Soul Calling.
  • Honestly & Integrity.
  • No limits.
  • Purpose Driven Profitable Business.
  • Spiritual Laws.
  • Intuition.
  • Building a lifestyle-based business that is a reflection of your heart’s desires.
  • Creating impact in style.
  • Uplifting humanity.
  • Having it all: love, health, money, wealth, and true abundance. 
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