Love is the Law

In this book you will learn how to:

Heal your broken heart and fall in love with yourself

Change the limiting money mindset and attract abundance

Discover your purpose and start a purpose driven business

Meditate  and tap into your higher self

Create a healthy relationship with your body & embrace your beauty

Activate your inner genius & into your power

In order to live in this new world, every one of us must awaken and do the inner work. The new reality is within you, yearning to be awakened. This question is, are you ready?


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Who this book is for

Love in the law is the spiritual guide for anyone who is ready to let go of struggles, pains and fears and active the inner genius in order to uplift humanity.

Whether you are trying to find a true love, a purpose in life, figure out how to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, scale your existing business a quantum leap, Love is the Law has the answers for you. Stop looking for love, happiness and abundance outside. Instead go within and apply 21 universal laws that will change your life forever.


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About the Author

Marieta Oslanec is a successful attorney, author, serial entrepreneur and intuitive Business and Mindset coach. She is the founder of ImmigrationBiz PLLC and ImmigrationBiz Academy where she helped many foreign entrepreneurs moved to the USA to start profitable businesses and live the American Dream.

She has been coaching conscious entrepreneurs to start a purpose driven wildly profitable business by applying her universal laws,  intuitive and business skills acquired over the years.

Her business were featured in Forbes, Playboy , Pravda, WomanMan, Plus Jeden Den, Radio Express, EMMA, LA Start-up Magazine, and other media outlets.

She is originally from Slovakia and came to the United States when she was twenty-four years with 700 USD to follow her dream. Marieta’s mission is to empower people by rising the consciousness by applying 21 universal laws in her book, Love is the Law.

What You’ll Get Out Of

The Book

How to heal your broken heart and fall in love with yourself

How to change a limiting money mindset

How to discover your purpose and start a purpose driven business

How to meditate & tap into your higher self

How to create a healthy relationship with your body & embrace your beauty

How to activate your inner genius & step into your power


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This comprehensive self-help book by Marieta Oslanec explores simple, yet powerful ways to eliminate limiting beliefs and achieve a fuller, more abundant, loving life through the spiritual and emotional power inherent in each of us. Marieta provides thought-provoking exercises to guide the reader through the processes of dealing with issues which are central to many of our lives, both personal and business, and establishes a feeling of connection through sharing the depth of her personal experience.

Cynthia Murray, PhD
Teacher and Author

After reading the first two chapters of “Love is the Law”, I felt a strong connection as in Quantum Entanglement. How you disbelieved what society labels as normal. How you managed to conquer FEAR in several unique ways as coming to another country, learning how to operate moving vehicle, graduating from an Ivy league college , taking the bar exam (not once or twice). And finding the solution to all these obstacles . The connection I felt was not for accomplishment reasons but your keen senses. How You envisioned what you wanted and created oppose to setting for comfortability . Since reading the chapters and exercises (which I highly compliment). I’ve channelled my own keen senses and CREATED what I wanted. The valuable contents you’ve shared in your book highlights the POWER one can have by directing LOVE and vibration towards one’s dreams and goals. I highly express my appreciation and gratitude in your STRENGTH for putting this together. Also, I am strong believer this book will have many people discover LOVE within themselves as what it has done for me.

Vanna Chham
Chief Technology Officer @VC^3, Mechanical Design Engineer @B&H Tool Comp.

The one and only Marieta Oslanec, who listens her inner voice, follows her dreams and becoming reality. Because she knows what the hard work really means and why staying positive in ANY situation is a must. She is a “walking motivation weirdo”, who doesn’t allow you to think any negative thoughts about yourself, she encourage you and energize you. Because she LOVES making people feeling better and teaching them how to fall in love with themselves, people adore her! By reading her awesome book Love is the Law you can get one step closer to your dream.

Romana Turanovicova M.D

The cultivation of human happiness has long captivated human imagination. The recent emergence of positive psychology movement with mainstream western psychology is the latest iteration of this millennia-long search. Tough we’ve been told of Plato’s that “the unreflected life is not worth living,” what is less obvious is the means by which one engages in this reflection. In other words, as any positive psychologist will tell you, we are a society with few methods of cultivating “the good life”. In response to this dissatisfaction, a growing number of people has sought possible solutions in the positive psychological systems of South Asia. Asian contemplative traditions are essentially psychologies concerned with the bottom line of personal existence, subjective experience. These inherently practical methods emerged out of context where body and brain never split; where philosophy didn’t stay too far from concerns of daily life; and where systematic practices for change, rather than mere theoretical exercise, play a central role in the creation of virtue. The Asian explorers of the internal world focused directly on the quality of experience and developed methods of training attention to systematically transform it . Marieta’s book “Love is the Law” taps into this ancient practice and shows us how to transform our lives from within.

Eliza Dinale
Attorney at Law

First wo chapters of “Love is the Law” are full of very powerful, interesting stories and my feeling is that this book will become #1 Best Seller. I have never been a person who liked reading self-help spiritual books, but after reading first chapter I fall in love with the book and can’t help to published. First chapter opened my mind and gave me a huge motivation and energy to believe in my dreams, not to give up, because the Universe will plan everything for us, only if we strong believe nd thinking posivite thoughts.

Vierka Meggy
Executive Assistant at Pantheon Technologies,s.r.o

This book is a must for those who need to heal their soul. It’s a personal, honest and once you start the exercises, miracles will happen in front of your eyes. Marieta is a super positive person, who will teach you how to attract what you deserve the most importantly will teach how to heal by teaching how to love yourself . Because as you’ll learn LOVE IS THE LAW !!!!!

Michaela Paucikova
Sales Rep


Love is the Law: 21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Inner Genius & Uplift Humanity is motivational success writing at its best. Author Marieta Oslanec moved to the U.S. with only $700 to her name and no English in her skill set, put herself through law school and became a licensed New York attorney, then began her own practice. During this process, she gathered and cultivated ‘laws’ to follow that range from self-love and balance to self-healing and loving others.

While Love is the Law stems from her determination and experiences, it also holds a spiritual component that will especially attract readers who search for the intersection between love, success, and bettering the world.

Chapters discuss these foundations of love with an eye to not just describing the journey to achieve them, but to defining what they actually mean: “Loving myself means respecting who I am by setting healthier boundaries, saying no to others, while saying yes to myself. Loving myself means following my desires, no matter what people think. Loving myself means doing what feels right for me when my mind tells me otherwise.”

Love is the Law is not a passive instructional, but is filled with challenges and admonitions that invite and direct readers to commit to tackling fears, defining (or redefining) success, and taking the steps needed to both direct the future and “…collaborate with the Universe by simply letting go.”

The blends of admonition, insight, exercise, and reinforcing insights on how to envision, then hone, a new life are quite specific and best used by readers open to applying these ‘laws’ to their own self-examination process: “Write down the wrong limiting beliefs and then scratch every limiting belief and next to it write the new belief. Make sure to use present tense all the time.”

Where other motivational guides would use generalities and ideals, Oslanec focuses on specifics from small steps to large, creating a foundation that serves as a series of stepping-stones to change.

The result is a motivational guide that takes readers by the hand and leaves nothing to wonder: a purpose-driven series of insights and applications that will prompt thinking readers to redirect their purposes and aspirations with a key goal in mind: “Your life purpose is to become your true self that is love.” Spiritual and inspirational readers, especially, will find that this message resonates.


Diane Donovan
Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Big brands are built by the stories of their founders. Marieta is one of them. I downloaded two chapters of “Love is the Law” book and I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. I admire Marieta’s story, which she is describing in her book and I am honored to be surrounded by inspiring people like Marieta. I truly believe that her book “Love is the Law” will open the eyes of many people and teach them how to create a happy fulfilled life. I am looking forward reading the entire book once it’s published, because the first two chapters deeply resonated with my personal story that I have experienced. I also hope that this book will help me with my occasional procrastination that many of us suffer from.

Ondrej Bartak

Every life can inspire another life. Especially when that inspiring life is full of self-confidence, problem-solving oriented living and of course Love. Love is the most important thing. All the tools and strategies on how to live with Love are in the book Love is the Law.

Palo Hlubina
The former Editor-in-Chief in Profit, Author of The One in Cherry Tree

In the book, LOVE IS THE LAW, the young, ambitious and beautiful Marieta Oslanec shares her transformational journey from Slovakia to the United States. Marieta teaches simple techniques on how to go within and find the Love inside, so the world reflects our beauty in the most authentic way. According to Marieta if we open our hearts and accept ourselves just the way we are, the world will accept ourselves in the same way. Because the successes is not the key to happiness, but the happiness is the key to success Marieta guides us to completely open our hearts, in order to start living a vibrant and exciting life.

Anila Kapralova
Legal Advisor, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of www.ladyinlaw.com

Marieta Oslanec has a radiance that shines from the love within he. Her book, “Love is the Law” is an intimate inspirational testimony to the law love itself. I feel incredibly blessed and honored to continuously love from Marieta!

Lara Rose
Entrepreneur and Musician

“Love is the Law is a book for humanity! Marieta’s 21 universal laws impacted me in a profound and personal way. I genuinely believe that if we all put these laws into practice, we would raise the collective consciousness of society and this planet would be a healthier, happier place. I was deeply touched by her journey of self-love and discovery, and so much of her story resonated with me. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is not only seeking deeper connection with themselves, but also with the people and the world around them.”

Nicola Dunn
Personal Stylist & Coach, www.nicholadunn.com