How to Sell Without Seling

How to Sell without Selling 

The first question my biz coaching clients usually ask me is: “How do I attract my soul clients?”
Here is my answer:
Like attracts like. So the only way to attract your soul tribe is to VIBE with your soul tribe.
Here is what I’ve recently realized.
Whenever you jump on a sales call and the person in front of you isn’t your vibe, just leave it.
The majority of coaches and consultants are trying way too hard. Close the deal. Make the sale. And so on.
At what cost?
1. You’re not going to close anybody who isn’t vibing w you and vice versa.
2. What’s the point of forcing the vibe?
3. What is yours it’s yours.
4. Even if you force it and close the person you’ll most likely hate to work together.
Forget about the sales scrips! Throw them away.
Tune in to the frequency of who you want to attract.
Stay there.
When you speak or chat w the prospect ask yourself:
Am I super-excited to work w this person? Would I want to work with her even if its for free?
If so, she is your client. And I bet you that you’ll close her.
Your higher self will do it for you.
So again, it comes down to frequency.
You attract who you are.
Remember: your soul clients need you because what you seek is seeking you.

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