How to Apply The Law of Authenticity

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“Be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.”

The Law of Authenticity means that you need to be yourself in order to live beautiful, meaningful and fulfilled life.

Everybody has a special gift, a special set of skills that nobody else on this planet has. It’s our job to find out what’s our gift and then share it with the rest of the world. It will be accepted only if we are real, honest to ourselves and authentic. Being authentic means always doing what you think it’s right, without frequently wondering if other people will agree. That may be a challenge sometime and you may be a little insecure, but remember that’s you, that’s your personality and you mustn’t be afraid of expressing it.

There are many people who live somebody else’s life. Don’t be one of them. Be brave enough to show your specifics and there will surely be people who’ll like them and who will be proud of you. At the same time, you are giving permission to those people to be themselves. That’s the healing process this world needs.

When we talk about finding true friendships and love partner I need to tell you it’s very important to lose the ego. The ego is a limited sense of self, which is creating an illusion of separation with the rest of the world. We are all The One, but we have to live and work together, support each other. Only that way we can get to self-actualization, which is the final point of our life path. When we reach it, it means we’re satisfied with our family, friends, business, and the most important of all – we’re fully satisfied with ourselves.

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