How I wrote my book ‘Love is the Law’

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How I wrote the book Love is the Law

‘Love is the Law’ book isn’t about me.

In fact, it’s about YOU.

It’s about us.


But before I continue let me share my story how the book came into my life.

In 2013 I found myself completely heart-broken, and my entire world collapsed after I found out my ex cheated on me.

My ‘perfect’ world collapsed into million pieces.

I moved to San Diego where I started my new life.

By myself.

Just as I did in 2007 (when I moved to Chicago from Slovakia) with just 700 bucks.

This time it was harder.

My heart was bleeding.

And since we were also business partners it was slowly but surely clear to me that at some point I’d have to give up the business.

I ‘lost’ relationship.

I felt completely betrayed.

I ‘lost’ a business I had worked so hard to create.

And I was financially broke.

The pain was brutal.

It felt like I was done.

I couldn’t eat.

I couldn’t sleep.

I didn’t want to exist.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.

So, I returned to God/Universe.

I kept asking for a guidance.

I kept asking for help.

One day the help arrived.

“Ask and it will be given to you”

I started to meditate.

I would meditate hours to ease the pain.

One day I heard a voice.

The voice told me to write a book.

Now, let me get this straight!

I am NOT a guru, woo-woo spiritual coach or whatever label you want to give me…. I was a “LAWYER” practicing business & immigration law (btw, still do).

I was “analytical lawyer” trained to think in a very analytical fashion.

YET, I received an intuitive guidance to write a book.

It felt real.

It felt like a pure bliss, happiness, love and joy I hadn’t felt for a very long time.

So, I decided to listen.


The voice told me to simply stay open and channel the words that I was receiving …

I would write for 2 months.

No structure.

No plan.

No table of content.


PURE STREAM of consciousness.

I stayed open.

And I kept writing whatever was pouring… thru me…

At the end of two months I had a first draft of manuscript in front of me…

Love is the Law: 21 Universal Laws…

This was the point when I got stuck.

I got scared.

My ego took over.

I felt like a crazy person.

Hearing a voice! ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?

I wasn’t ready.

And so I decided to apply the 21 Universal laws into my daily life and start with self – love.✅

I let go of everything and everyone that wasn’t serving my soul.✅

Then, I applied the law of circulation and change the mindset around money.✅

Started a brand new biz: ImmigrationBiz and helped many entrepreneurs build the American Dream.✅

I 10x my income.✅

Got rid of debt.✅

Applied the Law of Change and traveled the world solo for 1 year.✅

Participated in 3 silent retreats in Bali, Nepal and Hawaii.✅

And so on…. (you have read the book to hear all these stories)

It took me damn 5 years to apply the 21 laws of Love is the Law.✅

In March 2019 when I sat in another silence retreat I got another message.

It was the same voice.

The voice was back.

The voice told me; “It’s time!”

It’s time to share the book with others.

It’s time to teach them everything this voice taught me.

It’s time for humanity to wake up.

It’s time to teach everyone to fall in love with themselves.

It’s time to activate your inner genius.🌟

It’s time to shine your greatness and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK.❤️

Because you are POWERFUL.❤️

AND there is a BIG reason why you exist.❤️

But here is the deal.



Because we are all ONE.

And together we can rise and make this world a better place.

Love is the Law book is about YOU.


Your time is now.

Activate Your inner genius & UPLIFT HUMANITY.



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Cheers to your greatness!


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