How to Apply the Law of Duality

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There are two governing forces in the universe; fear vs. love. The opposites are necessary to create the whole in the universe. Cold vs. warm, south vs. north, dark vs. light, you name it. This duality teaches us to embrace the beauty of life. To appreciate love and light we need to first step into darkness. To become who we are we need to first let go of fears that are only illusions of the mind.

Because there is no light without darkness, there is no white without black, there is no pain without pleasure. There is no life without death.And likewise, there is no love without fear.

The way to embrace the darkness is to accept it. Don’t fight your ego. Instead, give yourself love and attention. Especially, if you are feeling weak and afraid. Those are the moments when you need to love yourself. So, embrace your doubts and fears because they are part of you and on the other side is the light. In order for you to transform your fears, you have to be willing to face them. Fear is just a concept in your mind, it’s about something that is going to happen to you but it’s not really happening to you unless you are doing it, and when you are doing it you will realize that there is no fear. So, fear is just an illusion. In order to become that light, you have to experience that fear.

I remember that while I was writing my book, Love is the Law I wrote a list of top 10 fears that I had. One by one I was overcoming all of them. Some of my fears were super weird, for example, fear of a grocery shopping. Seriously, who is afraid to do grocery shopping? I was. Later, I came up with several strategies and tools that helped me to overcome my fears, such as RUS method, EFT (tapping), or method called “The Journey”. Check them all and download my free workbook Love is the Law here and start practicing the exercises, because the only way to overcome your fears is to face them. Be brave. You can do it.

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