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Entrepreneurs who are ready to start a heart-centered purpose-driven 5D business and make a
greater impact!
Visionaries, Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Lightworkers, Service-Based Entrepreneurs who are ready
to turn their passion into profit & change the world.
Frustrated Professionals Transitioning from 9-5 to freedom 5D entrepreneurship.
Established Conscious Entrepreneurs who are looking for an effortless way to scale their biz to 7-fig+
in 12 months or less.
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My mission is to show you how to turn
your passion into a profit and create a profitable purpose-driven business that uplifts humanity.

My Story

I’m Marieta

Marieta’s businesses were featured in Forbes, Playboy, CBS, Fox, Pravda, WomanMan, Radio Express and other media outlets.
Originally from Slovakia, Marieta moved to the USA in 2007 with 700 USD barely speaking English. She graduated from the prestigious Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, became a licensed attorney, and because nobody would give her a job and work visa, she founded her first company and sponsored herself. She lost part of her company in 2015 and started ImmigrationBiz to serve immigrant entrepreneurs to start a successful business in the USA. In 60 days she 5x her income. She decided to coach conscious entrepreneurs on how to master their mindset, turn their passion into profit, make 5-6 figures months consistently, and uplift humanity.
Marieta is a conscious Attorney, Author of the book Love is the Law, a serial Entrepreneur, and a 5D Abundance Business coach. For a decade Marieta has been working with entrepreneurs from around the world creating purpose-driven businesses. After her awakening, she wrote the book Love is the Law and started to implement universal laws & mindset work into her business. She has been combining her unique intuitive skills with mindset work, business, and legal experience acquired over the years.

Love is the Law Book

What You’ll Get Out Of The Book:

  • How to activate your inner genius & step into your power
  • How to change a limiting (money) mindset & heal relationship with money
  • How to find your purpose and start a purpose driven business
  • How to meditate and tap into your higher self
  • How to create a healthy relationship with your body and embrace your beauty
  • How to fall in love with yourself & with your life!

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How to Sell Without Seling

How to Sell without Selling  The first question my biz coaching clients usually ask me is: “How do I attract my soul clients?” Here is

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