How to Start a Book Publishing Business

How to Start a Book Publishing Business

How to start a book publishing company

If you want to self-publish a book in 2020, I recommend to go PRO and start a publishing company.

Here are my reasons why:

1. You are legal protected.

You’re protected because if you form a limited liability company, the company is liable instead of you personally. You can simply form an LLC – Limited Liability Company, open a corporate bank account, apply for EIN and you’re good to go. Visit my law firm to learn more.

2. Your book will look more legit.

If you are self-publishing under your name it doesn’t look as professional as publishing under a publisher. Publishing company adds value and credibility, especially if people don’t even know about publishing process and they pick up your book and see that it was published by a company. They will take you more seriously.

3. Use Print on Demand Service POD

Be smart. Use POD service such as IngramSpark. Make sure to sign a contract under company name and distribute the book internationally via IngramSpark. You can also use Amazon in addition to that, however, don’t just rely on Amazon. Therefore, POD service is a way to go in 2020.

4. Register Your Copyrights and ISBN

I recommend to buy ISBN’s at www.bowker.com and definitely register your copyrights.

5. Register with Library Congress and Get the Identifiers 

If you wish to learn more about this process, definitely check out my FREE webinar Training How to Publish in 2020 Like a PRO.

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